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Don’t pause your swing – SwingTalk brings you instant voice feedback
instant voice feedback
SwingTalk is unlike any other swing analyzer products. Voice feedback function gives you seamless swing practice experiences. When you swing, it gives you instant tempo & speed feedback with real-time voice alarm so you don’t need to stop and see smartphone display.
With SwingTalk, improve your swing by yourself
With SwingTalk, improve your swing by yourself image
Play like a pro. SwingTalk thoroughly analyzes your swing with comprehensive analysis data. It shows you not only tempo, club speed, club trajectory but also actual movement of the shaft, key point analysis - shaft angles throughout the shaft. Track your swing with SwingTalk and improve everyday.
All-in-One Device
With SwingTalk, improve your swing by yourself image With SwingTalk, improve your swing by yourself image With SwingTalk, improve your swing by yourself image
Choose more convenient and efficient. SwingTalk is fit to all kinds of golf clubs including drivers, woods, irons, hybrid, wedges and putters. It analyzes not only your swing but also putting with one device and it support both iOS and Android so you don’t need to purchase additional products.
Main Functions
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Voice Feedback

SwingTalk provides you with instant voice feedback, allowing you to concentrate on your swing rather than watching the screen

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Easy & Comfortable

The lightweight sensor snaps on to the grip, rather than the shaft, to maintain the weight balance of a club for more natural swings.

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Actual movement
of the shaft

The trajectory of club and shaft is measured and displayed, allowing precise analysis as well as detailed information of the movement of shaft and timing of the release.

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True path of club head

Nine characteristics of the swing are determined and analyzed including factors such as ball type and the trajectory of the club and the face angle.

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Key Point Analysis

The swing is analyzed by breaking the movement into phases, such as address, backswing, backswing top, downswing, impact, and more.

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SwingTalk Cloud

You can save and load your swings with the SwingTalk Cloud and you can replay them whenever you want.

  1. My statistics iconSwing analysis
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  4. My statistics iconSwing test
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  • Swing analysis

    Swing analysis

    You can watch your swing in 3D, through a full 360 degree view. You can also view key factors of Your swing such as club trajectory, tempo, speed, and the swing type, which determines the movement of the ball on an intuitive screen.

  • My Statistics

    My Statistics

    Past swings that are automatically synchronized and saved in Swingtalk Cloud can be loaded and replayed again to compare them to current swings in a single screen

  • Self-test


    You can review your favorite swing that you've chosen.

  • Test Result

    Swing test

    You can examine your swing type and consistency after you have made 10 swings.

  • Test Result


    You can edit the content that will be displayed on the Swing Analysis screen.

  • Test Result


    You can connect Swingtalk sensor and smartphone using Bluetooth.

How it works
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Step 1

Insert Swingtalk sensor to the hole on the club grip.

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Step 2

Pair to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

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Step 3

Download the free Swingtalk app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

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Step 4

Take a swing! You can analyze your golf swings in the SwingTalk app.

Weight ( oz )
Operation time
Charging time
USB port
Size ( inch )

Operation temp
Storage temp
Bluetooth ver. 2.1 + EDR
2h 30min ( continuously )
1h 20min
Micro USB 5pin for charging
1.26*0.52 ( without pin ) ,
1.26*1.5 ( including pin )
14°F ~ 104°F
14°F ~ 122°F


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